The Unite Against the War on Women Rally and March by Phillip Reynes

The Unite Against the War on Women Rally and March by Phillip Reynes

What a great day, I thought to myself as I walked to Civic Center Park, to hold a rally and march. The air was crisp and the sun was out and it seemed as the sun climbed into the sky that peoples spirits climbed with it. I passed the occupy site as I made my way to the park and there where only a few people. Most had already made there way to the amphitheater where the rally was to start.









The band started up as I arrived. The band was quite good, called the Foxfield Four, and made a sound that was richer and more deserving of more then just four musicians. I found myself wishing that they had been able to play longer then their time allowed. I meant to come back to the bands table and get a CD but sadly I was unable to do so.









The Occupy rally and GA of 1-7-12 by Phillip Reynes

The Occupy rally and GA of 1-7-12 by Phillip Reynes

It was cold again but even so about 150 to 200 came for the GA at this Saturdays occupy rally. The turn out was good considering the cold and I have to think this means spring will bring much larger turnouts. The crowd was the usual mix of middle class people. Some where bundled up against the cold while with gloves and coats and lots of layers. A broad spectrum was represented from vets to young middle class people.

The mood was serious but at the same time light as people stood around waiting for the GA to start. What should be next? What are Occupies messages going to be as this continues? This is what was on the minds of most of the people there as we all waited.

There where vets from several conflicts present. They all seemed to be wondering similar things and the refrain I heard most was that they felt that they had been used by big business and the 1% to further this minority groups goals over the interests of the American people.

Some vets promoted a march to be taking place soon while other people waved signs decrying one issue or another.

Corporate corruption and the activist conservatives on the supreme court who sold us all out to big business where prominent sentiments.









Denver Honors Dr. King, Champion of Workers' Rights as Human Rights

On April 4. 2011, commemorations of the life, work, and martyrdom of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. took place all over the country. Denver activists, workers, and students organized a march, various rallies, and a teach-in and student walk-out. The Denver actions emphasized the themes of Dr. King's solidarity with working class struggle, and the unfinished work left to current and future generations.


The march, organized by SEIU and Justice for Janitors, began at 17th & California Streets and continued through the downtown area, ending at the Auraria Campus. In addition to the usual signs, some marchers carried brooms and mops, while others carried garbage can lids, crashing them together like cymbals. About 200 persons participated, including members of several other unions, the most radical presence being the IWW, who carried a banner that read “Forget Workers' Rights; It's Time for Workers' Control.”


Community March & Rally Against Police Brutality!

Join West Denver Copwatch, Aurora Copwatch, the hood, the barrio, the community, and concerned folks for a tour of police brutality.

Denver Law Enforcement has been brutal for years, however the situation has reached a pinnacle.

We will be marching to the sites of the most recent incidents of brutality

The march will be begin at 20th St and Little Raven where Mark Ashford was brutalized.

It will continue to 15th street and Larimer where Shawn Johnson and Michael DeHerrera were viciously assaulted.

The march will end at the Van Cise Justice Center where Marvin Booker was murdered by the hands of Denver deputies, and the rally will ensue.


Where: Gather at 20th and Little Raven

When: Saturday August 28, 2010 @ 2:00pm, Step off @ 2:30pm

Bring your love and your rage

Contact info: westdenvercopwatch@riseup.net

The 2010 school walkout, massive!

Several schools missed hundreds of students today as not only was it "senior ditch day," it was rumored, but one of the most historically significant, largest and most vibrant protests called students out of their classrooms and into the streets against the newest American pariah state, Arizona. 


One week after Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) signed Senate Bill (SB) 1070 into law, thousands of students around the United States participated in school walkouts akin to the 1968 school blowouts that famously marked the rise of the Chicano movement in Los Angeles, an inspiration that spread rapidly around the U.S., and a fire that still hasn't dimmed as of yet. It's looking like it is only picking up momentum, enough to burn out that unconstitutional law in Arizona, as today's school walkouts are in concert with May Day (May 1st), "International Workers Day," for which an even larger critical mass is expected to turn out, and the theme this year is what is becoming an apparently fast-spreading and mostly spontaneous (self-motivated/grassroots) world-wide boycott of the State of Arizona. Not merely by not visiting but by not buying produce from Arizona, and other materials. A state with world famous amenities attracting tourists from all over can't withstand the blow delivered by a loss in the workforce, a loss in visitor profits from tourism, divestment and a drop in exports of produce and other useful materials. 


Perhaps Gov. Brewer believes the personal cost doesn't outweigh the benefits, but politically her signing that bill was probably the most ridiculous political blunder by any Governor since ... George W. Bush? Sarah Palin? Pick one. What a sad state of affairs.


Save Our Schools!

Apr 6 2009 11:00 am

Rally with students to save higher education!
Monday April 6
11 am
West Steps of the Capitol

The Colorado State Legislature's Joint Budget Committee has voted on
and recommended a measure that would cut higher education funding by
50% as well as allowing institutions to have massive tuition hikes.
This not only shows the state's lack of regard for higher education,

Rally for Roe!

What: Rally to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade!

When: Tuesday, January 22, 12 - 12:30 p.m.

Where: West steps of the Colorado State Capitol (Lincoln and Colfax)

Who: You and all your pro-choice friends! Also joining us will be Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America and Senator Betty Boyd.

Spread the word about celebrating Roe - forward this email to five of your friends!

Rally and Solidarity for Peace activists Carolyn Bninski

Rally in Boulder on Monday in Support of Carolyn Bninski--facing a 2 month jail Sentence

Bambi Meets Godzilla!!!!!

RALLY and SOLIDARITY for Carolyn Bninski
Monday, July 23, 2007 at 9:30 am
In front of Congressman Mark Udall's Office
8601 Turnpike Dr
Westminster, CO 80031

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