Panel Discussion February 26th: Our Enemy, the Police

It has been seven months since the murder of Marvin Booker and there has been a resurgence of a movement to combat police terror. As we ask questions of where this movement can go from here, we must also come to an understanding of what it is we're fighting against.

Join panelists from a variety of movement backgrounds and experiences in a discussion of the role of policing and imprisonment in our society and who these forms of social control benefit and why.

Saturday, February 26th 4PM-6PM
27 Social Centre 2727 W. 27th Ave Unit D (27th and Decatur, 2 blocks east of Federal, alley entrance to building) Denver, CO

West Denver Copwatch

 West Denver Copwatch's website is up and running along with our newest addition, a police database.  We hope that this will be a great tool for the community to be able to commend good actions of the police, but also to be able to track and post about their abuses of power and people.  Through this hopefully we can all come together and attempt to hold officers accountable for their actions.

A little about us:


We are a group of individuals who come together in order to attempt to make the police accountable for their actions by videotaping police encounters in the streets.  We predominantly work in the West Denver area, but also are in cooperation with Aurora Copwatch along with other Copwatch organizations around the Metro Area.  

Police are consistently traumatizing and occupying our communities. Something as simple as a video camera, a pen and a pad of paper can significantly help deter the police from violating our community members’ rights.  We collect footage that both holds the police accountable and informs the people of their abuse of power.

Crucial in combatting police abuses is understanding and knowing your rights. However, in no way can this guarantee that violations will still not occur.  We strive to educate the people on their own individual rights and apply them in dealing with close encounters of the po-lice-kind.

Blog: seizure of video recording equipment at RNC still unexplained

From TalkLeft:

Walking Past a Train With a Camera Is 'Suspicious'

"Minneapolis police spokesman Bill Palmer said the incident happened at 1:40 a.m. and that the group was stopped on suspicion that they were trespassing in a nearby railroad yard. ... Palmer also said the officers appears to have acted reasonably and would have stopped anyone seen near transportation infrastructure late at night." --Minneapolis police spokesman Bill Palmer

The "national security" spin still doesn't explain why the recording equipment was confiscated.

Please follow link for blog post:

Meanwhile, there is this:

Videographers get equipment back from Minneapolis police

[excerpt] Three New York videographers who had their cameras and computers confiscated by Minneapolis police early Tuesday morning now have all their things back.

Well, almost everything, according to police.

Lawyers Guild: Cops illegally seize video equipment

By Dave Orrick

ST PAUL PIONEER PRESS: 08/26/2008 05:09:06 PM CDT

Three New York videographers, in town to document police conduct for the Republican National Convention, are alleging Minneapolis police illegally seized their video equipment early this morning.

A Minneapolis police spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment.

The attorney for the videographers, part of a prominent group that documents police activities during rallies and demonstrations, said he suspects the seizure is "a pre-emptive strike" by authorities.

A brief (corporate) overview of "We Are Change"

From the Rocky Mountain News

Cameras cover all angles on street

[excerpt] We Are Change members are a mix of Ron Paul supporters and guys who believe that the full story of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, hasn't been told.

What Frequencies You'll Want to Watch During the DNC: Secret Service and DPD

Fellow radio enthusiasts and copwatchers,

I have aggregated a lot of lists of frequencies used by the United States Secret Service as well as other frequencies you might find interesting during the DNC. Feel free to listen to these and if you are able to garner more information about them or make corrections to the list, please do so and post the results for others to share!

Q: I heard it's illegal to listen to these frequencies, is that true?
A: Absolutely not. There are some frequencies that it's illegal to posess a scanner that can listen to (such as analog cell phone freqs). If you bought your scanner in the US from a legitimate store, all the illegal frequencies are already blocked. Listening to said frequencies, legally speaking, from what I understand, is not illegal on its own. It's the data transmitted in these frequencies that's illegal ie if they moved the cell phone frequencies, the legality would change. If you are cracking the encryption of frequencies, that might be illegal. You'll have to consult with a lawyer on that.

Q: Isn't it illegal to have lists of these frequencies and share information about them?
A: NO. These are considered public information and you can find plenty of them, even companies like Radio Shack provide them. People have been known to be harassed by the Secret Service for sharing information about them, however. Research a guy called "Bernie Smith"

Q: Where can I get a radio scanner to listen to these?

Justice for Emily Rae Rice March & Rally Sunday, 1PM- Denver CopWatch

Justice For Emily Rae Rice

Denver CopWatch will hold a march and rally on Sunday, February 17, to call for justice in the wrongful death of Emily Rae Rice. The march will begin at 1PM at Bannock and 6th in front of the ER sign at Denver General Hospital. The group will then march to the City Jail at 13th and Bannock.

Young woman dies in DPD custody --64 seconds "missing" surveillance tape before she died examined by local media

Many of you in Denver may be familiar with the case of Emily Rice-last February she died in Denver City Jail after her internal injuries from a drunken car wreck weren't caught by medical staff and police....7News launched it's own investigation resulting in these new developments.

Prior to the gap in the [surveillance] video [24-year-old Emily] Rice is seen leaning against a wall inside the jail.

Immediately following the 64 second gap [in the videotape] she is seen lying on the floor with deputies standing over her.

Lobato Case Victory! Key Claims Against City of Denver Going to Trial!

From a local community member:

Congratulations to Ken Padilla and the Lobato Family for winning this key victory in the struggle against Police Brutality in Denver. As the article explains below, Judge Babcock ruled that several supervisory claims and lack of training claims survived Summary Judgment. This demonstrates that we're not talking about "one bad apple" (e.g., Office Rajan Ford, the shooter). Rather, the policies, procedures, and culture of the DPD have been indicted.

Go to the RMN article here:

Stand With Denver Copwatch to Demand Justice!

SUNDAY - October 21, 2007 - 1:30 PM 10th & NAVAJO DENVER COLORADO

• The City of Denver is still not telling the truth about Frank Lobato. Police entered the home from the second story window and Ranjan Ford shot and killed Frank Lobato as Lobato lay in bed on July 11, 2004. Police said Lobato sat up, but the coroner says Lobato was lying down when he was killed. Denver CopWatch wants the city to pay up and stop stalling the family.

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