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Southwest Regional EF! Rendezvous & Organizers’ Conference, August 20-22, 2010

Plans are in the works for a Southwest Bio-Regional Earth First! Rendezvous and Organizers’ Conference, August 20-22, in the beautiful San Luis Valley of Colorado. The rendezvous site is near the town of Saguache, in the Rio Grande National Forest. Exact site location and directions will be released some time in early August.

We’re seeking teachers and trainers to help facilitate workshops in direct action, civil disobedience, forest defense, eco-defense, and more…

We must build the skill sets and face to face relationships of trust and affinity necessary to effectively defend our bio-regions and land bases.

The size and organization of this event will in many ways reflect our current state as a force to be reckoned with in the Southwest, which is to say that this will be a small gathering with less structure and organization than other rendezvous in bio-regions where the EF! presence is more established and experienced.

Though an informal communal kitchen will be formed, please come prepared for self-sufficiency and inclement weather. Water for filtration or other purification is available on site.

Contact for more info or to get involved.

More: http://southwestearthfirst.wordp...

Wild Roots Feral Futures: News & Updates!

Greetings from the Ute territories of occupied Turtle Island, known (for now) as the American Southwest.

The Wild Roots Feral Futures organizers collective has been hard at work preparing for this year's event, which is shaping up to be one wild time! Many things have come together, many things continue to do so, and many thing still need to. At this time, less than one month before the gathering, we felt it was worthwhile to update you all on some of the recent developments surrounding the event, as well as provide various other random notes, thoughts, and observations. Please re-post and forward far and wide.

Discussion/ride share board:

New discussion board (INCLUDING RIDE SHARE BOARD!) at

Site Location:

The exact location and directions to Wild Roots Feral Futures, taking place in the San Juan mountains of Southwest Colorado (in National Forest), will be announced some time in early June. The site is along a river and features old growth Ponderosa Pines, natural hot springs, and much more. Close-by towns to shoot for would include Pagosa Springs, Bayfield, and Durango, Colorado. For more information, email the organizers at

Organizer's Meetings:

Semi-public meetings for folks interested in getting involved are taking place on a weekly basis in Durango, Colorado, every Wednesday. Contact the organizers at for more information.

High Country Earth First! Bioregional Rendezvous & Organizer's Conference, June 24th & 25th at WRFF:

Earth First! Action Alert: Stop the Swap at Wolf Creek! Oppose Legislative Land Exchange

The Durango chapter of High Country Earth First! (Colorado) is calling upon ecodefenders to contact officials and rally at the December 8th, 10th, and 15th meetings in Pagosa Springs to oppose the Village at Wolf Creek and the legislative land exchange (more information below).

Unlike our compromise-based counterparts, whose paper-wrenching efforts we do not take for granted, Earth First! takes the stance of NO COMPROMISE! which in turn means NO VILLAGE AT WOLF CREEK! We are prepared to take direct action to stop development if and when it goes forward. We hope you will join us, if you can, and stand in solidarity with us if you can't. SPREAD THE WORD!

12/8 Rally at Archuleta County Court House: Oppose Legislative Land Exchange at Wolf Creek!

12/10 Rally at Pagosa Springs Town Hall: Oppose Legislative Land Exchange at Wolf Creek!

12/15 Rally at Archuleta County Court House: Oppose Legislative Land Exchange at Wolf Creek!

May the forest bewitch you,

— High Country Earth First! (Durango) & Ancient Forest Rescue

Stay in touch!

PS if you are on Facebook (yeah yeah) please help us spread the word!

The Archuleta BOCC is tentatively scheduled to vote on whether to support the Legislative Land Exchange at Wolf Creek on Tuesday, December 15th at 1:30pm at the County Court House BOCC public meeting.

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