Young Activists Bring Inspiration to Occupy Denver

Thanks to Phil for the photos

Two very promising young activists, Angel 7, and Ocean, 6, participated in the Occupy Denver rally and march on Saturday, January 14.  Both girls made their own protest signs, based on their own sentiments and issues of interest to them.

Angel age 7  and Ocean age 6

Both girls were very active, talking to other activists and passers-by, and waving and displaying their signs to passing motorists.  At one point, a man walking along the sidewalk, complaining about the protesers' use of the sidewalk, though he found plenty of room to walk by, began yelling.  Other protesters surrounded the two young girls to protect them, and the man eventually walked away.  No confrontation, other than the verbal exchange, took place.

Angel came to the Occupation site with her grandfather, a Vietnam veteran, who led the march, along with some other veterans visiting from Oakland, California.

Leonard Peltier Holiday Gift Drive

I want to ask you for your participation in this year's Leonard Peltier Annual Holiday Gift Drive for the children of the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. This project has gone on for years and I'm happy to be part of it this year in a supporting capacity.

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