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Join us for Denver's Third Annual International October Day of Action Against Police Brutality.

Saturday October 20th, 7:00 PM
Sonny Lawson Park at 24th and Welton

This city is under attack. A powerful gang roams the streets – organized, brutal, and extremely dangerous. Their colors are blue and black. They carry guns and engage in organized crime: from prostitution and dealing meth to selling illegal weapons.(i) They rape, beat, and kill with impunity.(ii) When their deeds are brought into the open, they conspire, under the guise of a brotherhood, to maintain a strict code of silence. They control everything that goes on. The city's leaders are in their pocket. The City is Denver. The gang goes by the name of “the police.”

August 21st: All in the Streets Against the Police

Tuesday August 21st


La Alma Park (13th and Mariposa)


Justice for Kevin Ryberg!

End Denver police terror!

Free Amelia Nicol!

Solidarity with those resisting state repression in the Northwest!

On July 31st, metro area police murdered yet another unarmed person. 22 year old Kevin Ryberg was shot multiple times while being held in the back of a Denver police cruiser while it was en route to the District 2 police station in Northeast Denver.

Ryberg is alleged to have assaulted the officer driving the car. Police claim he was able to slip out of his handcuffs and somehow get through a metal and plexiglass security wall that specifically exists to protect a police officer from a passenger attacking them. A second police vehicle came up alongside the car. It is unclear which officer shot the suspect, and how the events transpired.

At least one of the officers involved in the shooting, Randall Krouse, has a history of lying about suspects assaulting officers, not to mention using racially inspired epithets against suspects. According to the Denver Post, “In January 2006, Krouse used a Taser on the neck of a handcuffed drunk, Kenneth Rodriguez, 46, who ended up serving four days in jail after Krouse filed a report falsely accusing the suspect of assaulting another officer. A videotape of the incident showed Krouse asking, "Understando Taser?" before using the Taser while escorting the belligerent but unarmed Rodriguez into a holding cell.”

The dust has barely settled on this most recent shooting, but already it is hard not to think of the various incidents in recent history where Denver area law enforcement have killed unarmed suspects. The names of Alonzo Ashley, Oleg Gidenko, Marvin Booker, and Emily Rice are but a few that most in Denver might be familiar with.

Banners and graffiti for July 9

on july 9th in response to the second anniversay of the murder of marvin booker in downtown denver's detention facility two banners were dropped and revolutionary graffiti was put on walls. one banner on highway 93 said "no tears for dead cops vengeance for marvin booker" in regards to an anti-police brutality rally cancelled out of "respect" for a denver police officer killed breaking up a fight in park hill.

another banner was hung demanding freedom for amelia nicol, who had a court date on july 9th after being arrested and jailed for squatting more than six months ago. graffiti demanding the freedom of several other anarchist prisoners along with anti-police slogans were also sprayed on several walls.

july 9th, the day marvin booker was killed, should always remain a day of struggle, conflict and agitation towards the police and state. it is with regret that this was all that was mustered.

don't be pacified by populism and big tents. refuse the left's theft of confrontational oxygen and rhetoric. occupy is dead!

Rally for A Summer Without Police Violence

Summer Without Police Violence Vigil & Protest

Saturday, June 30, 2012
12:00pm until 2:00pm
Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center (490 W. Colfax Avenue) and Police Admin Building (1331 Cherokee Street Denver, CO 80202)

Historically, racial profiling and police violence drastically increase over the hot summer months. The month of July commemorates the deaths of Paul Childs, Marvin Booker, Alonzo Ashley, the beatings at Denver Diner, and other incidents at the hands of Denver law enforcement. We are coming together to remember these victims of police violence, to demand accountability, and to put Denver law enforcement on notice. We are letting the City and law enforcement know that we are keeping a close eye on them this summer.

The action will serve to commemorate victims of police violence AND to launch a July campaign that includes Know Your Rights trainings, Community Racial Profiling Clinics, and much more. Take a look here for more information.

This action is being organized by the Race to Justice Coalition, a coalition of groups working on police accountability in Denver. These groups include the American Civil Liberties Union, Colorado Progressive Coalition, National Lawyers Guild, Community Reentry Project, GLBT Center, Colorado Latino Forum, and NAACP.

More about the Race to Justice Coalition
Race to Justice is a broad ACLU of Colorado campaign to address systemic problems with our state’s criminal justice system. Law enforcement practices, sentencing policy, conditions of confinement and recidivism all fall within the scope of this campaign. However, the current events involving Denver’s police and sheriffs have led us to start with addressing the most glaring problems of profiling and excessive force.

Support Amelia Nicol! Pack the Court on September 15th!

From the Denver Anarchist Black Cross:

Thursday, September 15 · 1:00pm - 4:00p
Lindsay-Flanigan Courthouse, Room 5G
Colfax and Elati, downtown
Denver, CO

Anti-Police Terror arrestee Amelia Nicol will have her discovery hearing
(postponed from August 22nd) on Thursday September 15th at 1:30pm in
courtroom 5G at the Lindsay-Flanigan Courthouse (the new courthouse at
Colfax and Elati, across from the new jail)

This discovery hearing will be an important hearing, where we expect that
all evidence that the prosecution has against Amelia will be presented
(any physical evidence, photos, video, pre-march surveillance, etc..) and
a judge will determine if the evidence is admissible at trial.

This hearing will be a good way to gauge the current case against Amelia.
Although the most serious of her charges were thrown out in June during a
pre-trial hearing, Amelia still faces a felony count of possession of
explosives, and three misdemeanor counts, including assault on a police
officer and resisting arrest.

Amelia faces several years in prison if convicted.

Please show your solidarity and support by attending this hearing if you
can. If you cannot attend, but still stand in solidarity with Amelia and
want to show some support, please mark your calendars and make plans now
to attend her trial, expected to convene October 4th at 8am.

Denver Anti-Police Arrestees Legal Updates

from the Denver Anarchist Black Cross:

It’s been more than a month since a demonstration commemorating the year anniversary of the murder of homeless street preacher Marvin Booker resulted in the arrest of three protesters. All three have attended court in the last few weeks, bringing about new updates in the context of anti-policing struggles in Denver.

The first person arrested that day turned out to be a minor and was released after a short period of detention. He had no prior criminal record and was given a deferred sentence on the condition that he completes anger management courses. There is an obvious irony in all of this: While a person who is upset about the police’s indiscriminate and brutal violence against people in this city is required to take classes to “manage their emotions,” the cops that murdered Marvin Booker were never required to take anything of the sort. Those who deal out beatings or fly off the handle towards mere traffic violation witnesses throughout Denver never found themselves being patronized by some “sensitivity coordinator.”

The other two arrestees, who were released after eight hours in custody after the Denver Anarchist Black Cross raised more than $700 for bond, have been arraigned on various charges relating to the “illegal posting of bills” and defacement of private and public property. An August 9th hearing went off routinely, with the exception of a constant police escort for the defendants and their supporters.

They could not, and will never, take us all.

Fists and hearts burn in the streets as Denver marks the one year anniversary of the murder of Marvin Booker.

Saturday, July 9th marked the year anniversary of the murder of Marvin Booker, a homeless street preacher booked on minor charges and killed by Denver Sheriff’s Deputies for attempting to retrieve his shoes. A fifth round of demonstrations was called for by West Denver CopWatch to mark the anniversary amidst a backdrop of local repression against the burgeoning anti-police movement.

In May, a demonstration ended with the flashing and banging of a firework during the rowdy crowd’s dispersal. Police arrested a twenty year old woman and charged her with two counts of attempted murder of a police officer and a slew of other charges. The Denver Anarchist Black Cross, a revolutionary legal support organization operating in the area for a few years now, mobilized court support and other actions demanding her release without charges. The attempted murder charges and most others were dropped, but she is still fighting felony possession of an explosive and misdemeanor resisting arrest charges.

March for the Anniversary of Marvin Booker's Murder July 9th

WHAT: March for Marvin Booker!

WHEN: July 9th 2011 11:30 AM

WHERE: Denver Skate Park – 20th and Little Raven

Please bring extra shoes that you’re willing to lose!

The March will snake through downtown and end at the jail, joining a rally put on by the ACLU.

It’s been 1 year since Marvin Booker was brutally murdered in the Van-Cise Simonet Detention Center. The murderers are still in the oppressive positions they so egregiously abused, still floating on our dime. We demanded the videos and they have been released. We continue to demand the immediate prosecution of the Sheriff’s Deputies. The community continues to demand justice!

In the last year pigs have terrorized, brutalized, and murdered:

Marvin Booker,

Oleg Gidenko,

Mark Ashford,

Shawn Johnson,

Michael DeHerrera,

Richard Arreola,

And countless other unnamed and unreported victims…

Recently the po-lice have attempted to intimidate and silence the anti-police brutality movement by arresting one of our comrades on ridiculous charges. Now more than ever we need to show that we will not be deterred, that we will stand strong!

Rights are never given; they are always taken and defended viciously. We’ve taken the streets, what comes next is in our hands…

Please bring extra shoes that you’re willing to lose!

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Even With Our Backs Against a Wall: A reportback from the Denver May 6th March Against Police Terror

(Disclaimer: This reportback is authored by several participants and members of Queen City Antifa. However, it should not be assumed or insinuated that the comments, conclusions, or descriptions of events in anyway represent the feelings or experiences of anyone else, including other organizers, collectives, or participants. So, let's just be clear: This reportback does not represent the opinions of West Denver Copwatch, Denver Anarchist Black Cross, or any other supporting groups or individuals other than the authors. Clear? Cool.)

Since the nearly year old murder of Marvin Booker at the hands of Denver Sheriff's Deputies in the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center, a movement against police and policing has grown in the Denver metro area. Between July 2010 and May 2011, at least 3 militant and unpermitted street marches have been organized. Press conferences, vigils, rallies, panel discussions, and other protests and events have also been held to protest not only the murder of Marvin at the hands of his jailers, but also others who have been murdered, beaten, attacked, raped, and assaulted by police in the greater metro area.


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