July 4th: March to End Illegal Surveillance

When: July 4th @ Noon
Where: Colorado State Capitol

The 1st Amendment is our permit to march. The only rights we have are the ones we fight to keep. All are welcome.

In solidarity with Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning. BRING WHISTLES!

We demand that the surveillance of any person be done with the direct oversight of the international public and that whistleblowers and truth tellers be protected from prosecution!

We demand the full freedom of press and privacy as promised by the U.S. Constitution! We demand all our constitutional rights!

The Patriot Act has accelerated the widespread use of illegal surveillance in violation of the spirit and letter of the 4th Amendment.

We demand the PATRIOT Act be repealed and the National Security Agency be fully investigated on the issue of unwarranted surveillance!

We ask for the involvement of all people in a sign-carrying march at Civic Center Park to HALO camera HQ (13th and cherokee/ police hq) on Independence Day, July 4, at high noon, to demand greater public awareness of surveillance and persecuted whistleblowers!

Meet at the Capitol!

Occupy Denver opposes white supremacy, this march is governed by Occupy Denver's anti-oppression committments.
We support a diversity of tactics when dealing with bigotry in our community.

March for a World Without Police













Join us for Denver's Third Annual International October Day of Action Against Police Brutality.

Saturday October 20th, 7:00 PM
Sonny Lawson Park at 24th and Welton

This city is under attack. A powerful gang roams the streets – organized, brutal, and extremely dangerous. Their colors are blue and black. They carry guns and engage in organized crime: from prostitution and dealing meth to selling illegal weapons.(i) They rape, beat, and kill with impunity.(ii) When their deeds are brought into the open, they conspire, under the guise of a brotherhood, to maintain a strict code of silence. They control everything that goes on. The city's leaders are in their pocket. The City is Denver. The gang goes by the name of “the police.”

Amelia Nicol and why it is Time for Another Revolution By Phillip Reynes

Amelia Nicol and why it is Time for Another Revolution By Phillip Reynes

It is time for a revolution, a revolt, an uprising. Government does not work for regular people. It appears to work quite well for big corporations, banks, insurance companies, military contractors, lobbyists, and for the rich and powerful. It does not work for people, regular people.

The 1776 Declaration of Independence stated that, “when a long train of abuses by those in power evidence a design to reduce the rights of people to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it is the peoples right, in fact their duty to engage in a revolution.”

Martin Luther King, Jr., said forty three years ago next month that it was time for a radical revolution of values in the United States. He preached “a true revolution of values will soon cause us to question the fairness and justice of many of our past and present policies.” It is clearer than ever that now is the time for radical change. Amelia is an example and so are the times we live in more generally.

Let us start by looking at what our current system has brought us, in a general sense, and ask if it is time for a revolution?

Over 2.8 million people lost their homes in 2009 to foreclosure or bank repossessions – nearly 8000 each day – higher numbers than the last two years when millions of others also lost their homes. We know well that the housing bubble was no accident. The economy has been stagnant for a long time and the former Bush Administration promoted the housing bubble and the home equity line of credit as a why to keep consumer spending up and mask other economic weaknesses (see the article by this same author here on the Pages of COIMC at http://colorado.indymedia.org/no... ).

A Quick Report on the May 6th March Against Police Terror By Phillip Reynes

I arrived at Sunken Garden Park early and had time to kill. I walked the park and looked around and as I did the cops arrived. You can spot the undercover kind so easily as the drove around the park slowly. Then the patrol cars came some marked and some unmarked and they to circled the park. I looked at my watch, it was 5pm , and wondered what they where doing here so early. A question I had been asking myself as well.

The park was not that busy. A few kids played basketball ball and some parents sat with their kids as the played on the playground. I counted five homeless people sleeping under trees and a homeless couple sitting at a bench with there stuff. I sat nearby and reflected on the post here on the pages of COIMC and wondered if the organizers of the march had reasons other then what was posted on COIMC to be fearful. I knew the march was permitted but given the heat the Denver police have been under lately I had to doubt that they would try to do much to stop it. Still the few people I had chatted with the day before had sounded apprehensive. The police where definitely here early and scouting the lay of the lad though.

subMedia DNC Dispatch #2

August 26, 2008

1. Pain Compliance
2. Pam Africa
3. Mumia
4. The pigs reveal their intentions
5. KRS1
6. Ward Churchill

Young woman dies in DPD custody --64 seconds "missing" surveillance tape before she died examined by local media

Many of you in Denver may be familiar with the case of Emily Rice-last February she died in Denver City Jail after her internal injuries from a drunken car wreck weren't caught by medical staff and police....7News launched it's own investigation resulting in these new developments.

Prior to the gap in the [surveillance] video [24-year-old Emily] Rice is seen leaning against a wall inside the jail.

Immediately following the 64 second gap [in the videotape] she is seen lying on the floor with deputies standing over her.

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