Need Denver action in support of Mainers attacked by Denver-based Big Gas

Coloradans, can you help Mainers fend off a Denver-based Big Gas attack on Penobscot Bay?   Creative actions needed to confront BIg Gas in its home habitat.

LPG gas distributor DCP Midstream LLC, a BIG natural gas port, pipeline & megatank operator, is close to getting its OKs to transform and industrialize our bay's estuary, heart of the Maine lobster ecosystem, by establishing the east coast's biggest Liquified Petroleum Gas terminal in the our bay's brackish waters..


Self Defense Training for Activists

Self Defense for Activists :

Remember Remember the 5th of November!

Guy Fawkes Day, Saturday, November 5th.
Caravan meets at the 27 social Centre at 11:00am
Departs, 11:15am.
The 27 social centre is located at
2727 W. 27th Ave, Unit D. Denver, CO.

If you have a car, please consider providing a carpool.

Otherwise, meet us there!

Class Begins 12:00pm @ the Gumm Gymm

For those of you planning on going to Occupy Denver, the class is only about an hour so you should have plenty of time to return before any of the fun starts, as most confrontation tends to begin in the mid afternoon. Indeed, this will help your understanding of the situation and people to better defend themselves.

12860 W. Cedar Drive, Ste. 212
Lakewood, CO 80228 .
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Bring loos-fitting clothing and prepare to take your shoes off!

This is the second of ongoing classes for activists hosted and led by Bradd Gumm. (Beginners are still very welcome, each class covers a new, different skill.) These classes will focus on Mixed Martial Arts, especially Jiu-Jitsu. The purpose of these classes is to give activists tools for self-defense and disengagement/cessation of violence with a minimum of legal risk.

Bradd Gumm is has been a national professional lightweight Mixed Martial Arts fighter since 2006 and has a very good record, of 22-8-2, making him one of, if not the top fighter in his class for Colorado. Longtime vegetarian and now committed vegan, Bradd is offering his skills to movements for liberation for free as another of his contributions to justice and social struggle.

Participants will also be provided with a basic overview and access to additional detailed legal, social, and martial art information and resources, including awareness, avoidance, and deescalation techniques.

Protest the Knights of Columbus

From Rights Over Knights

The Knights of Columbus is having their 129th Supreme Convention in Denver, Colorado, July 30th -August 4th, 2011.

Rights Over Knights, a coalition opposed to this convention, is calling for a protest of the Convention.

Join us Sunday, July 31st, on the global day of action against fascism and racism, at 12:30pm outside of the Denver Sheraton Hotel to picket the registration for the conference and get plugged in to protests scheduled for later.

We are also calling on autonomous affinity groups to target convention activities throughout the week. Visit our website for the schedule of events, and a list of organizing, scouting, and self-defense trainings taking place in the next few weeks.

Denver joins in world protests of Flotilla massacre

As I write this there is a crowd gathered in front of the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver holding a demonstration in protest of the massacre of civilians committed by the Israeli military on Monday, May 31, 2010, aboard the Mavi Marmara as it sailed in international waters en route to Gaza to deliver much needed humanitarian aid in defiance of the Israeli State's illegal blockade, which has claimed countless Palestinian lives. 

The protest is being held in solidarity with massive protests around the world over this heinous crime committed by the Israeli military. The crowd is relatively large and the press was present from television news outlets. The signs are large and visible along with Palestinian and American flags. 

The number of people killed aboard the Mavi Marmara is still not confirmed, last I heard it was around 20 or more, and most recent reports from eye-witness/activists who have returned to Turkey and Greece say the Israeli military opened fire on the Freedom Flotilla prior to their soldiers' boarding the Mavi Marmara, according to a report yesterday by the Guardian/UK ("Israelis opened fire before boarding Gaza flotilla, say released activists," published Tuesday June 1, 2010, by Dorian Jones from Istanbul, Turkey, and Helena Smith in London.)

The demonstration gathered on Lincoln and Colfax at 5:30 P.M. and will likely run until dark, so if anyone reading can join the crowd there is still time. Thank you to everyone attending and expressing solidarity with the victims of the flotilla massacre and the people of Gaza still under siege after more than a year of Israel's illegal blockade. 

Corporate Media Spin: 'Juggalo' stigma taints double stabbing

Around 6:00 p.m., MST, on Monday, May 31, two people were stabbed outside Wendy's on Colfax Ave. and Emerson Street in Denver, Colorado.

The two victims were on their way to attend the Insane Clown Posse (I.C.P.) concert at the Fillmore Auditorium next door, at Colfax and Clarkson, when a fight broke out that ended with two people stabbed and one person fleeing the seen, who was later taken into custody by Denver Police. The witnesses, a group of young women, adolescent ages, who were not attending the concert but came downtown to look at the many artistic face-paint designs displayed traditionally now by fans of I.C.P., often known as "Juggalos" and "Jugalettes." They explained that two men started yelling at one another, then some unidentified person hit another person with a rock over the head just shortly before a man pulled out a knife and stabbed another man. Then, according to local corporate media reports, the person attempted to flee the seen and was chased by another man, presumably a friend or acquaintance of the first victim. The alleged perpetrator then stabbed this individual as well. The young women began explaining that I.C.P. fans are "not peaceful people." They speculated the stabbing was part of some kind of "I.C.P. gang" issue, however, another man who was not only a witness but allegedly spoke to the victims' friends, when I asked the young women to elaborate, the man interrupted and explained that the incident had absolutely nothing to do with 'Juggalos' per se. He explained that the fight that broke out was actually a domestic dispute - two men fighting over a woman with whom they both allegedly had relations. This, naturally, would therefore have nothing to do with the band I.C.P., a very controversial hip hop group whose fans have been tagged as gang members and placed on gang lists by police around the United States. 

The 2010 school walkout, massive!

Several schools missed hundreds of students today as not only was it "senior ditch day," it was rumored, but one of the most historically significant, largest and most vibrant protests called students out of their classrooms and into the streets against the newest American pariah state, Arizona. 


One week after Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) signed Senate Bill (SB) 1070 into law, thousands of students around the United States participated in school walkouts akin to the 1968 school blowouts that famously marked the rise of the Chicano movement in Los Angeles, an inspiration that spread rapidly around the U.S., and a fire that still hasn't dimmed as of yet. It's looking like it is only picking up momentum, enough to burn out that unconstitutional law in Arizona, as today's school walkouts are in concert with May Day (May 1st), "International Workers Day," for which an even larger critical mass is expected to turn out, and the theme this year is what is becoming an apparently fast-spreading and mostly spontaneous (self-motivated/grassroots) world-wide boycott of the State of Arizona. Not merely by not visiting but by not buying produce from Arizona, and other materials. A state with world famous amenities attracting tourists from all over can't withstand the blow delivered by a loss in the workforce, a loss in visitor profits from tourism, divestment and a drop in exports of produce and other useful materials. 


Perhaps Gov. Brewer believes the personal cost doesn't outweigh the benefits, but politically her signing that bill was probably the most ridiculous political blunder by any Governor since ... George W. Bush? Sarah Palin? Pick one. What a sad state of affairs.


Fort Lewis College students announce SAFER referendum

SAFER Fort Lewis College


DURANGO, CO - Students at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado are taking action this semester to promote more sensible marijuana policies on campus. A student organization called "SAFER FLC," which stands for "Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation at Fort Lewis College," is collecting petition signatures to put this question to a vote in the next student body election:

Do you agree that sanctions imposed by Fort Lewis College for the use and possession of marijuana should be NO greater than the sanctions imposed for the use and possession of alcohol, and that students should not face suspension or removal from student housing for the private use and possession of up to one ounce of marijuana?

Clock Tower on Fort Lewis College campus in Durango, Colorado.
The referendum is intended to convey the student body’s opinion that alcohol use is more harmful than marijuana use both to students and the surrounding community. With this in mind, students say that Fort Lewis College should not issue disproportionate sanctions that steer students toward using alcohol and away from making the safer choice to use marijuana. This referendum also address student concerns about Residence Hall policies that allow for evictions for minor marijuana offenses.

This Monday, February 15th, SAFER FLC will be in the Fort Lewis College student union building (CUB) from 10:30a.m. to 1:00p.m. to introduce the SAFER Referendum & collect signatures. Students are encouraged to volunteer to help collect signatures.

Denver: Peace and Justice for Gaza New Year's Eve


Yesterday evening a group of conscience-driven souls gathered in a glowing room inside a Unitarian Church on 14th and Lafayette in Denver, Colorado, to hear a dark and passionate reading and to send support, solidarity, and prayers to the people undergoing the ongoing blockade of Gaza, Palestine, by the Israeli government, and in continued protest of Israeli war crimes during the siege of Gaza nearly a year ago, which a United Nations commissioned report by Richard Goldstone, the South African jurist in recent headlines, documents in detail.

The indoor vigil and march to the capitol, under the title Peace and Justice for Gaza, December 31, 2009, was organized by the Social Action Counsel of First Unitarian Society of Denver in concert with the many marches, demonstrations and vigils held around the world this week on the one-year anniversary of the siege, and drawing pressure-building attention to the ongoing blockade, described by the Goldstone report as "collective punishment."

The pamphlet handed out at the indoor vigil, which included the program for the evening's activity, in recognition of the violence of denying medication and food to civilians as a form of 'collective punishment' condemned the blockade and siege as one in the same.

"The law is clear. The conscience of humankind is shocked. Yet, the siege of Gaza continues. It is time for us to take action!"

The words used are those of the global call to action for human rights and justice for Gaza, taken from the Gaza Freedom March pledge, circulated online by International Solidarity Movement (ISM):

The Story About Ms. Pignotti

Recently a story about Ms. Pignotti entitled “Monica Pignotti Introduces the PIGNOTRON” was published in the open newswire of COIMC. COIMC was contacted by Ms Pignotti via email and her request to remove the article follows.

Subject: Complaint about libelous harassing posting about me on
Colorado Indymedia
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 03:28:51 +0000


I want to make you aware that a person who has been cyberstalking me by
placing literally hundreds of false postings and ads all over the
internet about me has posted the following ad on your website that is
libelous not only of me, but also of my university. See:xxxxxxxxxxxx

Of course, there is no "PIGNOTRON". This is a libelous smear of my name
and my institution, Florida State University. Please remove this posting
or I will be consulting the university's attorneys.

Thank you,

Monica Pignotti

When COIMC receives a request to un-publish an article we on the editorial board post the request after evaluating weather the request has merit. It is the consensus of the COIMC editorial board that this request does indeed have merit and so the story on the open news wire about Mrs Pignotti has been removed for violation of the COIMC editorial policy (you can find our editorial policy at ) specifically the two paragraphs bellow.

Posts which are obviously incorrect or misleading. This includes attempts to spread disinformation or to impersonate another individual. For example, if you post an article written by someone else and with your byline this is misleading and will be deleted.

Grand Junction Police- more selective enforcement!

 Steven Kilcrease a local activist was arrested during critical mass and his board was confiscated for over 3 months.

On october 13th 2009 he was sentenced to 10 days in work release (road crew) and over 1,100 dollars in fines. This is what petty skating where prohibited and petty disregarding police charges get you in Backwards Grand Junction Colorado? No! Others with the same charges walked away with fines, and nothing else. Steven kilcrease has been targeted by the GJPD because if his affiliation with and participation in local grass roots organizing activities. The Grand Junction Police department needs to LAYOFF of grand junction activists. WE (A)RE TIRED OF YOUR BULLSHIT GJPD!

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