Banner Drop

Militant anti-cop banner drop

During winter solstice rush hour, Three (count'em) three militant anti-cop banners were dropped off a bridge faceing both ways on I-25 downtown. They read "DPD turn your weapons on yourselves","James Bradley was right" (in reference to the man recently shot and hospitalized for hitting a police cruiser with a hammer) and "FROM THE NILE TO THE PLATTE HIT A COP WITH A BASEBALL BAT!" They were seen by thounsands of motorists driving slowly on icy roads during rush hour traffic. And are rumored to have made several cops weep.

Banner Drop Over I-25 Last Night in Denver

A few anarchists dropped a banner over I-25 downtown last night. The banner read "Anarchy Lives."

Banner Drop in Denver Before Anti-Police Demo

There was a banner drop on July 9th over a bridge on the highway near 20th Street in Denver --

It read:

No More Cops

No More Hate

No More Prisons

Smash the State!

It only stayed up for a short time, but in that short time enough people saw it to make a definite impression.

Solidarity to the comrades arrested in recent anti-police demonstrations!


"We Vote No" Banner Appears in Grand Junction

Just hours ago a banner reading "WE VOTE NO" appeared on the new parking garage in downtown Grand Junction. Emblazoned with a red anarchy sign, the banner faced the Wayne Aspinall Federal Building. It appears that the banner was hung to coincide with "Super Tuesday," as it was hung just hours before caucuses began at 7pm.

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