Justice for Ryan Ronquillo! Marchers Force Cops to Retreat

Saturday, August 30, 2014, in Denver.

Oil Train Week of Action July 6-13, 2014

Please repost far and wide.

Are explosive Bakken crude oil trains coming through your town? / Actions you can take now!

July 6, 2014 marks the one year anniversary of the first major oil train explosion in Canada which took the lives of 47 people. The week of July 6-13, 2014 is an international week of action to mark this anniversary and make sure these folk’s lives were not lost in vain. Your actions should not be limited to this one week as we are dealing with an entrenched oil and rail industry and don’t settle for anything less than the a complete ban on any oil shipped by DOT 111 and DOT 111a cars.

Actions are being posted on

When you organize a protest please contact us at

We have come up with tactics here in Vancouver, Washington to take this from a defensive to an offensive fight against the oil by rail industry. Please consider using these tactics as they are and will be effective. If you begin using this tactics please contact us so we can help document your work. If you need tech support contact us.
Take care, matt landon with Vancouver Action Network

Check out this map to see if oil trains are coming through--

Oil trains are bad because they have blown up at least 8 times in the last year killing innocent railside residents and polluting the environment. As the US and Canada have increased their oil extraction and production--and as resistance to oil pipelines becomes more effective--the use of trains to transport oil has skyrocketed, leaving communities vulnerable to explosions, oil spills, and unmonitored oil train air emissions. We must take action now to stop this trend!

The March For A World Without Police and Zombies by Phillip Reynes

The March For A World Without Police and Zombies by Phillip Reynes

Police chief WhiteIt was a beautiful fall night this past Saturday as people gathered for the third anuual March For A World Without Police. The police presence was oppressively heavy which made me wonder at the judgment of our new lair and chief; oh, excuse me I mean Chief of police, who supposedly is a reformer but to anyone here this night seemed to want to provoke trouble. Chief White has a credibility problem with this community ever since the march in February where he at his press confrence fragrently lied about the arest and the reasons for it at the March. COIMC took over 1,1oo pictures on that march and nothing he said about water balloons full of urine or excrement was true!! That was not a good start for Chief White and this march just serves to show that he thinks dissent can be quelled through intimidation.

August 21st: All in the Streets Against the Police

Tuesday August 21st


La Alma Park (13th and Mariposa)


Justice for Kevin Ryberg!

End Denver police terror!

Free Amelia Nicol!

Solidarity with those resisting state repression in the Northwest!

On July 31st, metro area police murdered yet another unarmed person. 22 year old Kevin Ryberg was shot multiple times while being held in the back of a Denver police cruiser while it was en route to the District 2 police station in Northeast Denver.

Ryberg is alleged to have assaulted the officer driving the car. Police claim he was able to slip out of his handcuffs and somehow get through a metal and plexiglass security wall that specifically exists to protect a police officer from a passenger attacking them. A second police vehicle came up alongside the car. It is unclear which officer shot the suspect, and how the events transpired.

At least one of the officers involved in the shooting, Randall Krouse, has a history of lying about suspects assaulting officers, not to mention using racially inspired epithets against suspects. According to the Denver Post, “In January 2006, Krouse used a Taser on the neck of a handcuffed drunk, Kenneth Rodriguez, 46, who ended up serving four days in jail after Krouse filed a report falsely accusing the suspect of assaulting another officer. A videotape of the incident showed Krouse asking, "Understando Taser?" before using the Taser while escorting the belligerent but unarmed Rodriguez into a holding cell.”

The dust has barely settled on this most recent shooting, but already it is hard not to think of the various incidents in recent history where Denver area law enforcement have killed unarmed suspects. The names of Alonzo Ashley, Oleg Gidenko, Marvin Booker, and Emily Rice are but a few that most in Denver might be familiar with.

Rally for A Summer Without Police Violence

Summer Without Police Violence Vigil & Protest

Saturday, June 30, 2012
12:00pm until 2:00pm
Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center (490 W. Colfax Avenue) and Police Admin Building (1331 Cherokee Street Denver, CO 80202)

Historically, racial profiling and police violence drastically increase over the hot summer months. The month of July commemorates the deaths of Paul Childs, Marvin Booker, Alonzo Ashley, the beatings at Denver Diner, and other incidents at the hands of Denver law enforcement. We are coming together to remember these victims of police violence, to demand accountability, and to put Denver law enforcement on notice. We are letting the City and law enforcement know that we are keeping a close eye on them this summer.

The action will serve to commemorate victims of police violence AND to launch a July campaign that includes Know Your Rights trainings, Community Racial Profiling Clinics, and much more. Take a look here for more information.

This action is being organized by the Race to Justice Coalition, a coalition of groups working on police accountability in Denver. These groups include the American Civil Liberties Union, Colorado Progressive Coalition, National Lawyers Guild, Community Reentry Project, GLBT Center, Colorado Latino Forum, and NAACP.

More about the Race to Justice Coalition
Race to Justice is a broad ACLU of Colorado campaign to address systemic problems with our state’s criminal justice system. Law enforcement practices, sentencing policy, conditions of confinement and recidivism all fall within the scope of this campaign. However, the current events involving Denver’s police and sheriffs have led us to start with addressing the most glaring problems of profiling and excessive force.

Spring Time for Occupy by Phillip Reynes

Spring Time for Occupy by Phillip Reynes

Yes it was a beautiful day this Saturday. The sky was blue with just a few clouds and the breeze was nice, just right, as I walked to Lincoln Park. It was 10:00 and the march was not scheduled until noon and yet there where already people waiting, waving signs, talking, enjoying the beautiful morning, their spirits where high. Everyone had a smile. I looked around and noted with a smile that chalk was back. Yes, over the winter writing slogans in chalk on the sidewalk had gone away – due to the snow and damp – but it was back and the sidewalks where again covered. A sure sign the spring has arrived.

“Unite Occupy”, “revolution is the only solution”, and “elected officials are traitors and prostitutes” where scratched on the sidewalk along with a host of other slogans. Signs where being made and stacked up in preparation for the days march as people chatted and enjoyed the day and shared in a common purpose.

The Occupy rally and GA of 1-7-12 by Phillip Reynes

The Occupy rally and GA of 1-7-12 by Phillip Reynes

It was cold again but even so about 150 to 200 came for the GA at this Saturdays occupy rally. The turn out was good considering the cold and I have to think this means spring will bring much larger turnouts. The crowd was the usual mix of middle class people. Some where bundled up against the cold while with gloves and coats and lots of layers. A broad spectrum was represented from vets to young middle class people.

The mood was serious but at the same time light as people stood around waiting for the GA to start. What should be next? What are Occupies messages going to be as this continues? This is what was on the minds of most of the people there as we all waited.

There where vets from several conflicts present. They all seemed to be wondering similar things and the refrain I heard most was that they felt that they had been used by big business and the 1% to further this minority groups goals over the interests of the American people.

Some vets promoted a march to be taking place soon while other people waved signs decrying one issue or another.

Corporate corruption and the activist conservatives on the supreme court who sold us all out to big business where prominent sentiments.









Occupy Denver's last March of 2011 By Phillip Reynes

Occupy Denver's last March of 2011 By Phillip Reynes

It was windy and cold this Saturday as I waited for the Occupy March to get to Skyline Park. The sun moved behind a building depriving me of its anemic warmth as I waited with a few others for the marchers to arrive so the we could then march to the Pavilions Mall on 16th Street. Ron Rosen's street medics as well as some people from the American Indian Movement waited with me as the wind buffeted us all. Talk of Obama's poor environmental record and the Keystone pipeline seemed to be the major topic of conversation amongst those gathered at the park. About the March.jpg" style="width: 513px; height: 632px;" /> About the March.jpg" style="width: 513px; height: 632px;" />

A police lieutenant and one of her minions questioned the AIM organizer briefly about the root as we all stood around.

The marchers arrived at the Park at around 1:30pm and this swelled the ranks of protesters to about 250 or so cod and shivering souls as the march set out down the 16th street mall towards the pavilions shopping center. Drums beet a rhythm and the protesters shouted slogans as we progressed down 16th street in high spirits. March starts down 16thstreet.jpg" style="width: 517px; height: 412px;" /> at the Pavilion.jpg" style="width: 523px; height: 301px;" />

The Big Ol' Elf Revolt

Reporting Back from the Big Ol’ Elf Revolt

This past Saturday, D17, a gaggle (or herd? maybe a swarm?) of radical elves took to the streets of Denver, united in their desires for liberation from the cruel, exploitative hand of the “free” market. The system of capitalism in which these elves have been laboring has concentrated mass amounts of profit and power (both material and ideological power) into the big fat lap of Santa. Santa, in all of his greed to amass more and more capital, has done so on the back of poor working elves all over the globe, from the North to the South Poles. All elves are targeted and affected in some way by the social and economic system, which mandates their need to sell their labor, while not benefiting elves in any way from the perverse machinations of capitalism. Yet all elves are not targeted or affected in the same way. We must acknowledge the differential impact upon elves of color, indigenous elves, elves in the global South Pole, women elves, trans elves, and queer elves. We elves also know that our reindeer comrades and our homelands (our pristine forests and mountains and rivers) are contaminated, subjugated, and decimated every day by the never-ending hunger of capitalism.

Immigrant Issues and the Saturday Occupy Rally by Phillip Reynes

What a beautiful Day i thought as I walked from my car to the park to cover the rally. It was brisk, cool, but sunny and I felt refreshed as I approached the Occupy protesters. I reflected upon the article I read in the Denver Post – such a right wing rag really, though to right wingers they would think the thought crazy; but what do you expect from people who do not read or even understand simple concepts, like socialism, or left wing – about the new police chief meeting the demonstrators and telling them that all “encumbrances to the side walk must come down.”

I had yet to talk to any one about it at occupy but the thought made me laugh, boy he (the new police chief) and Hickenlooper and the Mayor must really be out of touch I thought as I walked up. They do not understand how angry many people are.

What did I see before me as I approached? More “encumbrances” then where there when the new police chief spoke to the movements leaders. I smiled. Some where of cardboard and others appeared to be of cardboard but upon closer inspection where reenforced with wood to make removal more difficult. This made me happy, as all civil disobedience does against an unjust system.

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