Anarchists Attack Bank and Wal-Mart

Anarchists attacked a Wal-Mart with paint and smashed up a bank and ATM May 16th in a northwest suburb of Denver. This action was carried out in full solidarity with all anarchist prisoners held by the state and all combatants waging war against capital.

Fuck the police, fuck the bankers.

The Big Ol' Elf Revolt

Reporting Back from the Big Ol’ Elf Revolt

This past Saturday, D17, a gaggle (or herd? maybe a swarm?) of radical elves took to the streets of Denver, united in their desires for liberation from the cruel, exploitative hand of the “free” market. The system of capitalism in which these elves have been laboring has concentrated mass amounts of profit and power (both material and ideological power) into the big fat lap of Santa. Santa, in all of his greed to amass more and more capital, has done so on the back of poor working elves all over the globe, from the North to the South Poles. All elves are targeted and affected in some way by the social and economic system, which mandates their need to sell their labor, while not benefiting elves in any way from the perverse machinations of capitalism. Yet all elves are not targeted or affected in the same way. We must acknowledge the differential impact upon elves of color, indigenous elves, elves in the global South Pole, women elves, trans elves, and queer elves. We elves also know that our reindeer comrades and our homelands (our pristine forests and mountains and rivers) are contaminated, subjugated, and decimated every day by the never-ending hunger of capitalism.

Meet William Robert Brinkerhoff: Your local right wing gentrifying squatbusting oil millionaire

More than a month after the DPD raid on the squat at 27th and Bryant, one part of the story has still not been told. The cops were clearly a bunch of scumbags in what they did, along with the courts that were, until recently planning to prosecute people with FELONY burglary charges. But neither entity would have been able to do what they did legally without the go ahead from the property's owner... and he's a piece of work himself.

Calling all anti-capitalists on the Front Range!

The Tea Party-associated group “Free Markets, Free People” will be at Occupy Denver this Saturday. We need to have a strong presence to stand up to their lies. Market capitalism isn’t in crisis; market capitalism IS crisis. Capitalism oppresses queers, women, people of color, and of course the working class. So all you socialists, communists, autonomists, anarchists and radicals of every sort, be at Occupy Denver on Saturday. Bring your bodies, your signs, and your chanting voices! A! Anti! Anti-Capitalista! 

Love and solidarity,

some north Denver radical queers

Laptop activists cooperate with police - Occupy Denver

We have an enemy in our midst. We, who have been so willing to exhaust our time, energy, and resources, have been undermined by militant pacifists. We compromised, and continue to compromise, our homes and our jobs and our bodies for the sake of revolutionary possibilities, only to find those who belong to the cult of “nonviolence” ironically leading us to the guillotine. We have come to find out that the revolution will be televised, will be spun, will be manipulated, and will be spoon-fed to the very powers that we purport to be against. The treasonous and faceless laptop activists from Occupy Denver, also known as the PR/Media team, have taken it upon themselves to identify “violent” protestors from the events that transpired on October 29th of this year.

This day began with absolute beauty. We protested through the streets together, we danced together and we sang together. We saw old friends, met new friends, and together we momentarily shifted the power back to the people through our words and our love and our sick ass dance moves. Upon our return to Civic Center Park, we attempted to expand this “public space” by pitching tents together, when the violent arm of the state reared its ghastly head at all of us. Cops in riot gear stormed in with no notice, tearing our tents down. We reacted. We resisted. And for a very brief period, our words and our voices overpowered the 10 or so cops that we had engulfed in a circle of bodies.

A! Anti! Anti-capitalista! The Revenge of the Dance Party.

Last week amidst the speeches and mic checks there erupted from the crowd of 2,000 folks the sounds of pure awesome. The march kicked off with "Kiss Me Thru the Phone," playing in front of the jail while a black flag was placed at the top of the metal sculpture in the courtyard. The dance party made flashy appearances throughout the march as it snaked through downtown. Beastie Boys "Fight For Your Right to Party," echoed between the 16th St. Mall buildings while boring and pointless speeches occured. Apparently those people didn't get the memo that capitalism is dying and it is time to dance on its goddamn ashes! 

That being said, Denver, it is time to shake your anti-capitalist asses once again! The playlists are set, the banners are at the ready, and this Saturday at noon the Occupy Denver march will once again become a space to sassily dance out your rage against systems of violence and oppression. How about we take the old "who's streets?" chant to the next level?

There are some real debbie downers out there at Occupy Denver who seem to think it is a great idea to start doxing or snitching on anyone who doesn't fit the feel-good liberal, upper-class, boring-ass agenda of non-resistence. There is a campaign to start doing this at Occupy Denver to anyone who is confrontational with the state. Apparently dance parties are confrontational. Well, Occupy Denver, dance parties should be confrontational! Expect to see ass shakin' and booty bumpin' all up and down that riot line! 

This action is over (but is the AP lying?)

The action depicted in the Denver Post's live video stream is over. The last police vehicle to leave was a very large police bus, escorted by about eight police vehicles with sirens blaring. The Denver Post has turned their rooftop camera toward the civic center park (where the confrontation started), and away from the area of the standoff.

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