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Ward Churchill Goes to Supreme Court - Location Moved

Ward Churchill will be before the Supreme Court of Colorado on June 7th.  In a very encouraging move, the Supreme Court has agreed to consider all of the plantif's questions without qualification, which is very rare.  The Westword article has a good interview with the atorney David Lane about their chances, and you can also see the recent article from the Daily Camera.   For a very in-depth look at the case, visit  See you in court!

June 7: Colo. Supreme Court Oral Argument

Thursday, June 7, 2012      1:00 pm

New location:  Old Supreme Court Chambers

Court of Appeals: CU, Regents Cannot Be Sued for Violating U.S. Constitution

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From the Ward Churchill Solidarity Network

Jury Rules in Favor of Ward Churchill, While the Media Rules Against Him

In the case of Ward Churchill vs. CU Boulder, the jury ruled in favor of American Indian scholar and activist Ward Churchill on all accounts. CU Boulder administration, right wing pundits and much of the mainstream press is fuming as a result.

(Nearly) live coverage of pepper spraying, blockades, etc., at RNC

Nearly live video from the streets at the RNC. Recent footage includes a brief interview with a credentialed journalist as he's being treated, it sounds like he says on the video that he is from Parent Magazine, pepper sprayed by the police for, as he put it, "photographing people exercising their first amendment rights."

DNC: Protesters and the First Amendment

[excerpt] It isn’t surprising that activists and protesters are speaking out against “the police state” in the streets of Denver. No matter what was going to happen this week at the DNC, there would have been someone out there condemning the actions of the police.

There is real cause for concern, though. Beyond the questionable constitutional legality of the protest zones in the first place, which keep protesters out of view of their intended targets, police working the DNC have so far been involved in several dubious incidents well documented by independent media outlets such as Democracy Now!, the American News Project, and Colorado Indymedia.

For the rest of this commentary, please follow this link:

ABC News staffer pushed into traffic, jailed by police

(with link to video)

ABC News staffer jailed in Denver amid convention

By DAN ELLIOTT – 16 hours ago

[excerpt] DENVER (AP) — An ABC News producer covering the Democratic convention was pushed into traffic by a sheriff's deputy on Wednesday and then arrested, the network said.

Asa Eslocker was arrested on charges of interference, trespass and failure to obey a lawful order.

California Authorities Raid, Ransack Berkeley Infoshop!

UCPD and Feds Raid Long Haul Infoshop
Wed Aug 27 2008

UCPD And Feds Ransack Berkeley Activist Community Center

At around 10:30am, 5-6 Officers made there way into the Long Haul Infoshop and broke down every door and stole every single computer on the property.


For Immediate Release:

Media Contacts:
Glenn Spagnuolo - 720-771-4669,
Mark Cohen - 303-733-7037,

Re-create 68 goes to trial with the U.S. Secret Service & The City of Denver

July 28, 2008 - A lawsuit filed by 12 organizations, which was initiated by the

Letter to the Univ. of Colorado Board of Regents Concerning the Firing of Professor Ward Churchill

CensorshipAs scholars, activists, and concerned citizens, we protest your decision of July 24, 2007, to fire tenured American Indian Studies Professor Ward Churchill. To us, it is clear that:

* Ward Churchill was fired in retaliation for the exercise of his First Amendment-protected speech and in violation of the doctrine of Academic Freedom.

Open Letter to the University of Colorado Board of Regents Concerning the Firing of Professor Ward Churchill:

July 24: Regents To Vote on Firing Churchill


July 24: Regents To Vote on Firing Churchill
Main Rally at 3:30pm – CU Boulder
UMC South Plaza (Broadway at Euclid St.)

D-Day in the struggle to defend free speech and Prof. Ward Churchill is Tuesday July 24.

On that day, the CU Regents will vote after an all-day meeting in Boulder, most of which will be closed to the public. But the Regents must come out to face us when they make their vote and explain it. So, be there with us at 3:30pm for our main rally. We will observe their vote and make our voices heard.

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