May Day

Four Arrests at Denver May Day March; Occupy Needs to Learn More About Solidarity

Four persons were arrested and a two-year-old child was hit by a bicycle-riding cop yesterday during Denver's May Day March.   According to witnesses, the behavior of one or more of the parade marshalls contributed to the problems, rather than mitigating them, and marchers abandoned their arrested comrades, rather than assisting them or otherwise showing solidarity.

The problems commenced after one marcher began dancing in the street.  A marshall came up behind the marcher, seized him, and attempted to push him along, instead of approaching him face-to-face, and using verbal communication.  The dancer, taken by surprise and unable to see who was pushing him, began resisting what must have seemed like an attack.  Cops then closed in and arrested the dancing marcher, though they did not arrest the marshall.  The original charge was jaywalking, which is not an arrestable offense.  This charge was later changed to obstructing traffic.

During the incident, a cop, apparently unable to control his zeal at the prospect of participating in an arrest, ran his bicycle into a little two-year-old girl.  The child's father then began speaking out very strongly in defense of his daughter, only to be rebuked by the same marshall who had caused the original problem.

Later in the march, another person was arrested, also for jaywalking, changed during booking to obstructing traffic.  This person  had been slated to perform later that day in the General Strike activities at Civic Center Park.

Greater Denver Area: Call for an Anarchist May Day

So far the IWW has called for a “General Strike” in Denver, the website denver general strike has actions posted, but not even the Denver IWW, which launched the idea, has any of its own public plans for marches, rallies, parties, etc. on the site yet. I hope that they come up with some, preferably coordinated with the migrant community.  I have no illusion that the general strike will succeed in a significant portion of the population joining, or doing much to shut down the city. Currently the one and only event listed is the Occupy march at 12:30, and a possible address from political prisoner Siddique Abdullah Hasan at the same march and rally. However, many anarchists do not feel safe at Occupy events and see it as a place of heavy surveillance, political co-optation, and social repression. Furthermore, after Denver ABC’s official withdrawal of legal support, supporting Occupy feels to many of us autonomous anarchists as a form of betrayal to part of the anarchist community. Finally, the Occupy movement does not represent, although it may have certain affinities with, the vision and values of many anarchists. Supporting the Occupy movement can leave a dirty feeling for many of us.

Wells Fargo Smashed Up in Denver in May Day Attack

In the latest hours of May Day, a gang of masked anarchists and anti-authoritarians attacked a Wells Fargo in Denver. This rage-fueled rupture took place for a number of reasons, including blah blah blah blah blah GEO group blah blah blah blah prisonocracy blah blah blah corporate pieces of shit sucking the blood of the human race blah blah blah blah blah... Fuck Wells Fargo.

A whole bunch of windows were shattered with a wide variety of stones procured from the lovely landscaping areas around the bank. In a true display of diversity of tactics, larger rocks were thrown through doors and first floor windows, while smaller rocks knocked out panes thought to be out of reach. All participants dissolved safely into the night, a May Day properly celebrated.

Solidarity with all those that got wild for May Day, the fighters in Greece, our comrades in struggle in Oaxaca and all seeking total liberation from capitalist totality blah blah blah blah blah blah blah


some anarchists

The 2010 school walkout, massive!

Several schools missed hundreds of students today as not only was it "senior ditch day," it was rumored, but one of the most historically significant, largest and most vibrant protests called students out of their classrooms and into the streets against the newest American pariah state, Arizona. 


One week after Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) signed Senate Bill (SB) 1070 into law, thousands of students around the United States participated in school walkouts akin to the 1968 school blowouts that famously marked the rise of the Chicano movement in Los Angeles, an inspiration that spread rapidly around the U.S., and a fire that still hasn't dimmed as of yet. It's looking like it is only picking up momentum, enough to burn out that unconstitutional law in Arizona, as today's school walkouts are in concert with May Day (May 1st), "International Workers Day," for which an even larger critical mass is expected to turn out, and the theme this year is what is becoming an apparently fast-spreading and mostly spontaneous (self-motivated/grassroots) world-wide boycott of the State of Arizona. Not merely by not visiting but by not buying produce from Arizona, and other materials. A state with world famous amenities attracting tourists from all over can't withstand the blow delivered by a loss in the workforce, a loss in visitor profits from tourism, divestment and a drop in exports of produce and other useful materials. 


Perhaps Gov. Brewer believes the personal cost doesn't outweigh the benefits, but politically her signing that bill was probably the most ridiculous political blunder by any Governor since ... George W. Bush? Sarah Palin? Pick one. What a sad state of affairs.


Come Celebrate May Day!

On Saturday, May 1st Denver Anarchist Black Cross will be commemorating
International Workers' Day with local allies and our broader communities.

We would like to invite you and all of our local anarchist networks to
come out and celebrate with us! This will be a space for rejoicing in the
beauty of our struggles and building stronger networks for the struggles
to come. We are proud that a multitude of organizations, communities, and
families will be participating in this celebration and hope to see
anarchists well represented in the ranks!

At 10:00am we will be gathering at the front steps of the capital building
(broadway and colfax) and then marching to Skyline park (16th and
arapahoe), where there will be local organizations tabling, speakers, and

We are asking for everyone participating to respect that this is intended
to be a safe, celebratory space and withhold any actions that could
potentially bring police repression onto event.


Durango May Day Rally & Festival!

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