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Support Amelia Nicol! Pack the Court on September 15th!

From the Denver Anarchist Black Cross:

Thursday, September 15 · 1:00pm - 4:00p
Lindsay-Flanigan Courthouse, Room 5G
Colfax and Elati, downtown
Denver, CO

Anti-Police Terror arrestee Amelia Nicol will have her discovery hearing
(postponed from August 22nd) on Thursday September 15th at 1:30pm in
courtroom 5G at the Lindsay-Flanigan Courthouse (the new courthouse at
Colfax and Elati, across from the new jail)

This discovery hearing will be an important hearing, where we expect that
all evidence that the prosecution has against Amelia will be presented
(any physical evidence, photos, video, pre-march surveillance, etc..) and
a judge will determine if the evidence is admissible at trial.

This hearing will be a good way to gauge the current case against Amelia.
Although the most serious of her charges were thrown out in June during a
pre-trial hearing, Amelia still faces a felony count of possession of
explosives, and three misdemeanor counts, including assault on a police
officer and resisting arrest.

Amelia faces several years in prison if convicted.

Please show your solidarity and support by attending this hearing if you
can. If you cannot attend, but still stand in solidarity with Amelia and
want to show some support, please mark your calendars and make plans now
to attend her trial, expected to convene October 4th at 8am.

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