Book Talk and Signing in Ft. Collins

Att : Journalists & Friends, Activist: Dr. Frank Romano,

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Love and Terror in the Middle East, 4th Ed., by Frank Romano/ Book Signing
    Wed., July 6, 12-2 pm, Barnes & Noble, 4045 S. College, Ft. Collins, CO

Love and Terror in the Middle East, 4th Ed. dramatically captures the author’s efforts to promote understanding and cooperation between Jews, Muslims and Christians. He has been harassed/arrested by the Palestinian police, harassed/arrested by Israeli soldiers and attacked by Israeli settlers.

This Fourth Edition includes a new chapter. It recounts a recent harrowing experience in the West Bank, trapped in the midst of rioting Palestinians following the killing of a Palestinian youth by Israeli soldiers.

He’s a tenured professor at the University of Paris and a member of the California and Marseille Bars.

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Farewell, Richard

Richard Myers, union activist, writer, labor historian, graphic artist, photojournalist, poet, and proud worker, passed from this world on Thursday evening.  His loss leaves the Denver social justice community stunned and heartbroken.

Richard was born and raised in Nebraska and came to Denver in his youth.  He worked in a factory for 33 years, where he also began a career as a union activist.  Richard served as a steward in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  Later he joined the Industrial Workers of the World, where he played a vital role in making the Wobblies an important player in the Colorado social justice community.  For two years, Richard also served the IWW as Branch Secretary of the Denver General Membership Branch.  He joined the fight for grocery and retail workers, with the United Food and Commercial Workers.

Richard worked passionately for many other causes and could always be found where people were fighting the good fight.  He was one of the founders of Colorado Indymedia and a major participant in our predecessor, Rocky Mountain Indymedia.  His poster art has been an important feature of almost every radical and progressive campaign in the area, for decades.

Young Activists Bring Inspiration to Occupy Denver

Thanks to Phil for the photos

Two very promising young activists, Angel 7, and Ocean, 6, participated in the Occupy Denver rally and march on Saturday, January 14.  Both girls made their own protest signs, based on their own sentiments and issues of interest to them.

Angel age 7  and Ocean age 6

Both girls were very active, talking to other activists and passers-by, and waving and displaying their signs to passing motorists.  At one point, a man walking along the sidewalk, complaining about the protesers' use of the sidewalk, though he found plenty of room to walk by, began yelling.  Other protesters surrounded the two young girls to protect them, and the man eventually walked away.  No confrontation, other than the verbal exchange, took place.

Angel came to the Occupation site with her grandfather, a Vietnam veteran, who led the march, along with some other veterans visiting from Oakland, California.

Court of Appeals: CU, Regents Cannot Be Sued for Violating U.S. Constitution

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From the Ward Churchill Solidarity Network

Why were Fair Food activists kicked out of Food, Inc.?

By Robert McGoey
Monday, July 20, 2009

The Campaign for Fair Food and the new documentary Food, Inc. share – by any objective observation – a common vision and common struggle.

Longest Walk Schedule of Events- Saturday March 22-Monday March 24

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All events are free, though donations are strongly encouraged. There

SLIDESHOW IN BOULDER: Tales from a traveling organizer: grassroots social and ecological change in the "movement of movements"

Monday, February 4th, 7:00 p.m at the Boulder Meadows Community Room (19th and Violet)

Please join Portlander Jenny Leis in an evening of celebrating grassroots changemaking! After six years of organizing sustainable community in Portland, Oregon, Jenny took on the role of “full time cross-pollinator” among the movement of movements for social justice and ecological change.

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Help Build Colorado IMC for DNC 2008

The Colorado Indy Media Center needs active participation and financial suupport to expand alternative press coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Denver during August 2008.

Whether you are here in Denver or anywhere else in the country or the world, we need your help.

To find out more about what we can do together to help make sure the inside story of the DNC gets out to the general public, please contact us at

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125 Years of Dissent: An Alternative History of the Grand Valley

###from the Red Pill's upcoming issue Vol. 5 No. 11###

Though Grand Junction has long had a reputation as a conservative town, since its inception in 1882 there has been a minority that have actively dissented against that status quo and agitated for a better more equitable future. From Railroad strikes, to underground newspapers, to Blacklisted Dalton Trumbo and from anti-nuke protests in the Ô60s to antiwar protest in the 1990Õs and the 2000Õs Grand Junction and its surrounding region has a rich history of dissent and citizen activism.


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